Coding principles every engineer should know

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How To Manage Infra in 2019

Infra is one of the most host topics in the Software development these days. There are so many tools, so much to learn that very few people actually know what to do and what the best practises. Everyone wants to jump on the microservice bandwagon. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. I medidated quite a bit on this and have come up with these points that I think are maybe some good to follow tips:

Tooling Considered Harmful

We are a big fan of tools. We use them daily in almost everything, but at one point in time, they pollute our mental space so much that we just forget to think and do as the tools dictate. A common example could be smart-phone. It was meant to keep us mobile and connected but now, it has become so dominant and addictive that it is more of a bane than boon.

6 years of full time job

Today, I am completing 6 years of my full time employment with Socialschools. It has been an incredibly long time and there has been highs and lows but mostly it has been a great experience writing code and having fun while doing it. I am very proud of the product I have helped build and make it succeed.