Music, Movies and Life

12 Jan 2014

I love watching Movies and I love Music. They are almost inseperable part of life. I love the way they could touch and move your life more than you could imagine. I remember watching "The Social Network" almost 50 times in college. It served as a push to write more code and do awesome in life.

Well, it might sound really strange but for last 10 years or so. I just let life flow in the natural way. I failed quite sometimes, achieved success as well. Made some long lasting friends, lost some people I felt who were my friends.

The great thing is that in all these experiences, I realised that what is the true purpose of my life. They say, there are just two important days in your life.

The day when you are born, and the day you find out why?
I think I just found out the purpose of my life. It's not something I would want to disclose and claim I am going to achieve. It is the way my thinking changed and the choice of life I am going to make.

Also, I would love to thank the wonderful readers of this blog - which initially started casually just to empty my mind on topics I felt were relevant at that time. For sure there are some not so good posts as well. But again, this blog is just me writing what comes in my mind. And if some of those helps someone or guide someone. Why not?

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