Four years of Full time job

01 Mar 2017

So on 1st February 2017, I completed my fourth year working for Socialschools.

I joined Socialschools(then Changer) at the same date in 2013. It’s has been quite an honor working with many awesome people. Then, I was only a fresh graduate dreaming of making a dent in the universe. Today, I am writing code for one of the fastest growing Communication platform for Education in The Netherlands.

First I would like to thank Ruben, Jonathan, Jos for giving me the chance to work at Changer. Next, the four years at Socialschools would have never been possible if it was not for my colleagues.

I had worked with Robert for the most of the time during this journey. He has always been the most friendly person and shares the same passion and fire to do amazing work for Socialschools.

Aashish has been a great mentor, friend, and guide and we have spent countless hours building new features, fixing nasty bugs and coffee.

Bert has been a great part of Socialschools and has been a driving force is growing us to the next level.

Marieke has been pretty amazing at implementation and putting users interest and perspective in the product. i

And of course, Jos has been an amazing mentor and technical guide in my growth as an Engineer. The newer team members like Edwin, Harry, Shanice & Trui have been great too and are doing a great job in their field.

I would also like to thanks to my Ma, Moma, Papa, Baba, Jhunu and especially my wife Rituparna who have supported me at each and every step and shared the joys and difficulties together. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.

I would also like to summarize the core of what I have learned during this four years: