Converting LaTex to PDF on macOS

I have been writing my resume in LaTeX for more than a decade now. Writing your resume in LaTex has it’s own benefits. You can check it out here:

Using React with djangoCMS 3.5.2

React is one of the most useful frontend library out there. At Socialschools, we use React to render some content using our API from App server. It has been in production since June last year and it is really amazing building neat stuff using both React and djangoCMS.

Important Values

As humans, I think it is pretty important that we sometimes look deep into the soul and see what defines us and what is the value-system we believe in.

Blogging back after long time

Hey folks! It has been pretty damn long sine I last wrote on this blog. Well, I am writing this watching Mr. Robot Season 1 for the 2/3 time. I really like most of this series except it gets really dark and too sci-fi sometimes.